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We truly care, love, and value respectful interactions with young children that ignites learning both academically and socially. The richer the environment, the greater the number of interconnections that are made. This will make learning faster and more meaningful! This is the "fertile soil" where miracles happen and ultimately grows confident, kind, highly-capable children for the future!

Available Classes: Swaddlers, Crawlers, Walkers, Talkers, and Mini 3's

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Preschool/PreK PLUS

Preschool/PreK Plus incorporates the same high-quality focus that is in the Preschool PreK Program. The “Plus” extended learning hours provide three important “E’s” in the afternoon: Expanded Curriculum! Extended Learning! Enrichment! Children are valued at our learning center. Respected. Loved. Listened to. The beginning of the day starts with a welcoming smile, warm greeting and gentle hug! Compassion and respect is the critical thread woven throughout daily activities as children engage in experiences that challenge minds and create giggles and FUN in our safe environment.

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Voted BEST Preschool in Gilbert, 5 years running! Our program is well-known for its excellent preparation in giving children a GIANT head-start in Kindergarten. In a loving respectful environment, our experienced nurturing teachers create a perfect recipe that curious minds devour. Highly-trained staff engage children in FUN activities! Hands on and higher level thinking skills expand young children’s understanding of academic concepts!

With this rich foundation, children advance more rapidly in learning academic skills!

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High level skills are presented daily in this excelling curriculum! Engaged learners live in a magical land of FUN learning feeling loved, valued, and respected. With the mindset to NEVER give up, children become confident learners and have a passion for learning. Small class size offers more individualized instruction. This exceptional program is Monday through Friday from 8:30 - 2:00. Lasting friendships are created while learning both the ABC’s of academics AND the ABC’s of life skills. Children become esteemed leaders and scholars for life!

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