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Sharon Wilkins

Sharon Wilkins, President of Wilkins Learning Center, is a multi-talented woman who has impacted the lives of parents, educators, and women throughout the country. Sharon, a mother, teacher, author, administrator and early childhood expert has over 40 years of teaching experience. She has touched the hearts and minds of thousands of children.

Early on, parents recognized extraordinary qualities in Sharon and her two daughters, Jennifer and Melissa. Parents called their approach the Wilkins Way; Love! Respect! Fun Learning! It has been voted the BEST multiple years including being voted the BEST of the Entire East Valley! This rich soil is the heartbeat and core foundation that is woven throughout the Wilkins Learning Center programs.

Sharon was inducted into the National Honor Roll’s Outstanding American Teachers. She is a gifted communicator for parent/teacher workshops as well as international conferences and has appeared on numerous radio and TV talk shows like Good Morning America, FOX News, and others. Sharon has brought her motivational messages to a variety of professional groups and organizations nationwide.

Her popular critically acclaimed book, Ready for Kindergarten, is endorsed by MOPS International (organization for mothers of preschoolers). Washington DC Times endorsed it as one of three resources to help parents prepare their children for challenges in school life. Her wisdom has been featured in Creative Classroom, MomSense, Angels, Woman’s World, Baby Talk, and Chicken Soup for the Soul Books, and others.

In 2007, Sharon and her daughters deeply believed God was calling them to another destiny; to open the Wilkins Learning Center. Today, they embrace babies, toddlers, preschoolers and kindergarteners. Sharon often says, “Love is Powerful!” They are truly thankful and honored to provide a nurturing home-away-from-home the Wilkins Way . . . an extraordinary climate of kindness.

Jen Infante.jpg

Jennifer Wilkins Infante

Jennifer’s heart and exceptional teaching skills helped her receive two nominations for Walk Disney Teacher of the Year Awards on in her career.

Under Jennifer’s expert guidance, children soar academically and socially through her fun, creative “Wilkins Way” teaching style. Jennifer knows the secret to learning: build respectful, caring relationships so every child feels valued and important - then knowledge will flourish! With a B.A. in Elementary Education from Arizona State University and four years of teaching 3rd & 4th grade, she helped create a new vision with her family in 2007 - a place of learning, love, and respect sprinkled with laughter and fun at Wilkins Learning Center.

As an entrepreneur, co-owner, and director, Jennifer speaks nationally to parents & teachers sharing the “Wilkins Way” of teaching. One of her students, described the Wilkins Learning Center as this; “I't’s like a house of love, and learning’s fun!” The center’s positive effect in the community will have a lasting impact on generations to come.


Melissa Wostl
Owner/Preschool-Kindergarten Director

Melissa Wilkins-Wostl is a national speaker and presents frequently in the community about core ingredients of the Wilkins Way Approach. Her years of teaching experience, along with her heart for children, created the perfect recipe to open the Wilkins Learning Center. In addition to training staff, and operating a thriving business, Melissa is also the Director of Preschool. This position requires expertise in curriculum, hiring, behavior management, training, etc. Staff respect her training program/procedure. Wilkins Learning Center was voted the Best Place to Work!

She has a Masters degree in Early Childhood Education, a Reading Specialist Endorsement, and has taught six years in Kindergarten through 2nd grade. After teaching six years in a public school, her vision widened to help create her own early childhood center to implement the now renowned Wilkins Way Approach.

Melissa can best be described in three words: Inspire. Love. Encourage. Children thrive in her outstanding irresistible teaching style. Melissa is everyone’s cheerleader! Guiding and mentoring children, parents, and teachers fulfills her desire to make a difference.

In 2007, Melissa and her family opened the Wilkins Learning Center. Since opening, it has received numerous awards! Parents continue to rave about the programs. Melissa was instrumental in creating loving environments for infants through Kindergarten. She provides Wilkins Way training programs in which teachers learn how to listen intently little one’s concerns, express love by speaking on a heart to heart level, train staff in the CALM problem-solving Approach, etc. Children sky-rocket in both social and academic skills. Wilkins is a trusted name in education with her leadership!