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After teaching thousands of children, our family formed the Wilkins Learning Center to design the same environment that has given us our greatest results in teaching: Love! Respect! Make Learning FUN! This is the core of our “fertile soil” that parents call the Wilkins Way Approach. Parents recognized exceptional caring, and how it deeply impacts children’s hearts AND minds. We believe the “way” knowledge is taught is just as important as knowledge itself. This Approach is the award-winning way that gave us recognition four times as Walt Disney Teacher of the Year nominees.

We believe that the way knowledge is taught, is just as important as knowledge itself. The award-winning Wilkins Way Approach focuses on both in our nourishing foundation of three core ingredients: Love! Respect! Make Learning FUN!

“Love is powerful,” and the simple act of caring, along with expertise in early education, helps young children soar as they Climb the Mountain of Knowledge. Wilkins Learning Center provides an extraordinary learning environment that raises the bar of loving, teaching, and respecting precious children. This foundation permeates throughout the daily activities and encourages little ones to learn the ABC’s of academics AND the ABC’s of life skills!

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What is the Wilkins Way Approach and how did it start?

The Wilkins Learning Center started, in 2007, from the hearts of three extraordinary teachers: a mother and her two daughters whose programs were quickly voted #1 Preschool and #1 Childcare in Gilbert, Arizona. Their success with teaching thousands of children is based on what parents call; the Wilkins Way Approach.

The Approach started from the hearts of parents who saw something “special” in the way children were taught by the Wilkins. It is those three core ingredients that now form the acclaimed foundation of the Wilkins Learning Center: Love! Respect! Make Learning FUN!

Don’t we all want to raise kinder, capable children that see with a lens of kindness? Children are precious, at the Wilkins Learning Center, and are treated with the utmost love and respect. With this foundation, miracles happen! In many ways, children are like adults; only in small bodies. They want to be valued, loved, respected, and listened to intently. Genuine authentic conversations between teachers and children is considered an important part of our curriculum. Staff truly care and personally write upon every heart, you are loved.

Engaging learning activities, taught by a nurturing teacher, helps little ones become kind, confident, highly-capable learners in child-centered classrooms, and awakens their courage to try new concepts. Kids often cheer, “I have COURAGE!”

Helping preschoolers become respectful problem solvers is also a big part of the Wilkins Way Approach. With teacher guidance, children become respectful problem-solvers by listening, respecting, forgiving, and honoring one another. They exclaim, “We’re problem solvers!" Higher-level thinking skills at its finest! Words such as, “Please, honor my words, and I’ll honor you!” are spoken often by both teachers and children. They definitely learn the ABC’s of life skills AND the ABC’s of academics. They become scholars for life!


Preschool/PreK Program

See Plus Program for Extended Hours
Voted BEST Preschool! Our program is well-known for its excellent preparation in giving children a GIANT head-start in Kindergarten. In a loving respectful environment, our experienced nurturing teachers create a perfect recipe that curious minds devour. Highly-trained staff engage children in FUN activities! Hands on and higher level thinking skills expand young children’s understanding of academic concepts! With this rich foundation, children advance more rapidly in learning academic skills! ♥ Learn More


Preschool/PreK Plus Program

All Day / Extended Hours
Preschool/PreK Plus incorporates the same high-quality focus that is in the Preschool PreK Program. In addition, the “Plus” extended learning hours provide three important “E’s” in the afternoon: Expanded Curriculum! Extended Learning! Enrichment! Children are valued at our learning center. Respected. Loved. Listened to. The beginning of the day starts with a welcoming smile, warm greeting and gentle hug! Compassion and respect is the critical thread woven throughout daily activities as children engage in experiences that challenge minds and create giggles and FUN in our safe environment. ♥ Learn More


Child Care

We truly care, love, and value respectful interactions with young children that ignites learning both academically and socially. The richer the environment, the greater the number of interconnections that are made. This will make learning faster and more meaningful! This is the "fertile soil" where miracles happen and ultimately grows confident, kind, highly-capable children for the future!

Available Classess: Swaddlers, Crawlers, Walkers, Talkers, and Mini 3's ♥  Learn More 


Summer Program

Attention Adventure Seekers!! Summer camps are available for set dates and times: June - Mid August. Summer Plus Programs are also available for families that need extended daily hours and weeks. Every week we have a different theme to feed their inquisitive minds. Each theme is based around FUN activities, creative arts, musical theater, and other “kid-friendly” areas of learning. Check out our itinerary! ♥ Learn More

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