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After teaching thousands of children, our family formed the Wilkins Learning Center to design the same environment that has given us our greatest results in teaching: Love! Respect! Make Learning FUN! This is the core of our “fertile soil” that parents call the Wilkins Way Approach. Parents recognized exceptional caring, and how it deeply impacts children’s hearts AND minds. We believe the “way” knowledge is taught is just as important as knowledge itself. This Approach is the award-winning way that gave us recognition four times as Walt Disney Teacher of the Year nominees.

We believe that the way knowledge is taught, is just as important as knowledge itself. The award-winning Wilkins Way Approach focuses on both in our nourishing foundation of three core ingredients: Love! Respect! Make Learning FUN!

“Love is powerful,” and the simple act of caring, along with expertise in early education, helps young children soar as they Climb the Mountain of Knowledge. Wilkins Learning Center provides an extraordinary learning environment that raises the bar of loving, teaching, and respecting precious children. This foundation permeates throughout the daily activities and encourages little ones to learn the ABC’s of academics AND the ABC’s of life skills!